Can’t Be Caught Using Facebook?

This website hides the interface of Facebook into a spreadsheet.


Frank shares secrets from around the world

In this 11-minute  Ted talk: Half a Million Secrets, Frank Warren, the founder of, shares some interesting secrets and their touching stories that were sent to him by people all over the world. It’s amazing how these secrets can give us a strong sense of humanity, with a big emphasis on our major fears.

It’s one of the most moving talks I’ve encountered so far.

Here are some secrets posted in the website. All credits goes to PostSecret.

Which of the 8 do you lack?

When asked what do you want to be when you grow up, the most predictable and generic answer is “I want to be successful”. Looking at your life now, are you anywhere near it? If not, why not? Maybe this talk by Richard St. John could acquaint you with what you’re missing.

Richard compresses his two-hour presentation and his results from 500 interviews into this 3-minute talk – 8 Secrets of Success. Watching this gave me an idea which one I lack – FOCUS.

I love generating ideas and pursuing them until I find another one. I end up starting a lot of projects but never completing a single one of them. I guess I easily get excited with new ideas and quickly get tired with them. Precisely like a 3-day monk (this is a short article from ZenHabits that’s worth checking out if you’re like me.)

The 8 Secrets of Success Checklist

The video is just a tool that guides you on the principles, it’s up to you to act on it. Here’s another tool I found that could help you get off your butt – Lifespace’s Checklist based on Richard’s 8 Secrets of Success.

As the cliche goes, it’s not in the the skills that you should have that would make you successful, it’s all in the traits that we already possess. Ergo, anyone can become successful.

The Wiki Game

This morning I chose to watch one of the latest Ted Talks posted on Ted’s home page: Rives’ “Reinventing the Encyclopedia Game“. As we expected, after 244 years, Britannica Encyclopedia announced that it would stop printing the-once-indispensable Encyclopedia. As an-almost-90s kid, we didn’t feel the need to own the whole Encyclopedia set, just the 5-disc set you can install in your computer. It was my first time this morning, to hear about the encyclopedia game.

The Old Game

One of these games entail the reader to start with a random concept, read until he encounters a term that he doesn’t know, then looks for that term in the encyclopedia set. This goes on and on until you get back to where you started.

The New Game

Then I found this in the comments section:

The Wiki Game: Explore and Race Through Wikipedia

The Wiki Game

Starting from a given article, you are given 120 seconds to click through the links and arrive at a certain article. It’s an online multi-player game where you race with the other players towards the goal. It’s more fun to play alongside competitive friends.

There are also other playing modes available if you get tired of the default one. Plus, it’s available in iOS! So you can play it anywhere (with an internet connection).

Give it a shot, go test your resourcefulness and random knowledge!